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BYOB SHOPPING? What is that?

B- Bring

Y - Your

O- Own


Come and shop PRIVATELY at The Shops of St.Andrews with your COVID friendly BUBBLE of family or friends! By privately we mean that the whole store is closed to the public and it is just you, your bubble and a few of our staff members of course!

It is an unfortunate fact that the COVID-19 VIRUS has EVERYONE in the WORLD on edge and trying to figure out how to maintain a sense of normalcy during this pandemic while keeping you and others SAFE and HEALTHY has been on everyone’s mind.

We have been pulling out our hair trying to figure out CREATIVE and NEW ways to continue running our business; from offering deliveries and curb-side pick ups to FaceTime shopping and trying to get our online shop up and running.

With Bring your own Bubble Private Shopping we can offer you another great shopping experience. We want you to feel comfortable shopping with us so we have created events where you and your bubble of friends and family can privately shop with us. We close the shop to the public so your bubble of three or more can move around safely without close contact with those who aren't in your bubble. And we are licensed. So you can even enjoy a glass of wine during your shopping experience.

We recognize that while some people have adapted to online shopping and deliveries, others are tactile and enjoy the sensory experiences of our store during the holidays. After all, who can resist the lights.... the glitter.... the music....the scent of fresh cedar and pine....THE EXPERIENCE OF CHRISTMAS

If you can’t resist it either, we DO hope that you will book one of our BYOB Shopping events and have a stress free shopping experience where you feel comfortable and safe during this uncertain time that we are living through. Stay strong and remember that there is an end to everything, including pandemics.

STAY SAFE...and more importantly.... STAY HEALTHY!!!!



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