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Welcome to The Shops of St. Andrews

Autumn! It's here and it is wonderful to see how beautiful the leaves are looking! All the reds, oranges and yellows can really perk up the mood, especially when dealing with the dull cloudy skies we have been experiencing. Our friends at the garden centre have been busy tying up bundles of dried corn husks, piling up pumpkins and gathering fall mums and flowering kales, for porch and doorstep decoration! I just love seeing bright orange pumpkins on the steps to houses, it really accents this transition season.

The Garden Path Cafe has been whipping up Pumpkin Spice Scones and Curried Carrot Soup to help warm the fingers and bellies as the weather cools down. Next time you are visiting us, take some time to savour one of the goodies or a tasty lunch at the cafe. A full tummy improves the shopping experience!!

A few chores to remind you of as the leaves begin to drop and the temperatures dip down... it is time to bring in any plants you wish to winter over indoors. Plants such as palm trees, dracaena, banana plants and any other indoor plants that you have had growing out during the summer months. Also, it is time to spray your fruit and shade trees with a dormant oil spray kit to kill off any over wintering pests and fungus that will affect your trees next year. Once the leaves have dropped you can spray the trees and spray again in spring BEFORE the buds break open. Dig up your sensitive rhizomes and bulbs once the frost kills the upper leaves. This list includes, but it not limited to, gladiolas, canna lily, calla lily and dahlias. Lastly, don't forget to UNHOOK the WATER HOSE! I forgot two years ago and had the unpleasant experience of blowing a line in my basement as the water trapped in the hose expanded and cracked the line! It was indeed a wet mess all over, never mind having to repair the line and buy some new hoses! Save yourself the trouble and unhook and drain your hoses, you will be grateful in the spring!

Take Care and enjoy the changing colours of autumn!

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