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Schefflera Amate is a lovely, fast growing tropical tree. It is also called the Umberella Tree (plant) because of its leaf structure. The Schefflera Amate can be a great showstopper plant in medium light spaces where other large plants may struggle, like ficus. Plus it is not as finicky as some other large plants can be. This is a great dense foliage plant that can grow and fill in a space quite quickly. To maintain its shape, prune off new growth with sharp clean pruners.  It can grow up to 8 feet tall so pruning helps to keep it in check.



Light: Likes medium to bright indirect light the best, like a north or east exposure. If in bright DIRECT light (south or west exposure) keep 5 - 10 ft away from the windows or plant could suffer from leaf scorch and burn. 

Water:  allow to dry inbetween waterings.  Overwatering is VERY common. Do not water if the top half of soil is moist. Water about every 10 days.


Tip: Rotate your plant every few weeks for even growth and clean off the dust from the leaves to keep the plant healthy

Schefflera Amate

  • Live plants and fresh flowers cannot be left on a doorstep or garage in winter, they will perish. Someone must be able to accept delivery at home or at an office

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