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A favourite specimen to grow indoors. Available in a range of sizes and variants this multi stemmed leathery leafed plant is easy care AND a part of our 'FRESH AIR' plant collection. The 'FRESH AIR' collection are plants that are known to naturally help filter and purify indoor air, imporving air quality and oxygen levels. As a bonus, the 'Snake Plant' goes through its CO2 cycle during the evening hours, providing you with fresh O2 while you sleep! Great addition to a bedroom. Plus this beautiful easy care plant  toleartes a range of light conditions. The 'Futura Superba' has a wide leaf that is mottled green and edged in gold. It is a dwarf plant so excellent choice for a table top or shelf


Light: Very Versitile! Low to medium to bright indirect light. Do not place in DIRECT light as it will burn quickly!

Water:  Water infrequently and allow to dry out between waterings. Check every 10-14 days. Do not overwater, especially in winter! Be sure not to let any water build up in the center of the leaves (where they form a cup) because this can lead to a mushy plant and ultimately rot. Most people will overwater rather than underwater this plant.


Tip: This is a slow growing plant and does not need to be repotted often. In the dry winter mist the leaves with water to avoid tips from drying out. Does not tolerate cold drafts or cold weather. Do not overwater, the roots will rot.

Sanseveiria Futura Superba 'Snake Plant'

  • Live plants and fresh flowers cannot be left on a doorstep or garage in winter, they will perish. Someone must be able to accept delivery at home or at an office

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