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Wow...wadda PLANT!! This is a happening hashtag and for good reason...the leaves are spectacular! They start out as a solid leaf and then as they age, develop into a cool looking sorta split leaf,and they can have up to 24" wide leaves!  To keep it bushy, give it a regular pruning as it grows, OR let it climb up a trllis or sturdy fishing line for a tropical look. Not only does this plant deserve every photo shoot it is featured in, it is also fairly easy to grow indoors as it tolerates a range of light conditions. Have fun with this ever changing plant!


Light: tolerates low light, likes bright indirect light can have some direct light

Water: Do not allow to dry right out. Regularly water, enough to prevent soil from drying out.

Tip: In the dry winter mist the leaves with water ifnyou have low humidity to avoid drying out and browning.

Monstera deliciosa

  • Live plants and fresh flowers cannot be left on a doorstep or garage in winter, they will perish. Someone must be able to accept delivery at home or at an office

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