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Sometimes you just need a little bit of a tropical feel and a plant that is different. THe Mass Cane plant , also known as a Corn Plant, has a nice sturdy woody base with beautiful bi-colored leaves sprouting out of the trunk in clusters. It is an easy to grow plant so it is an great addition to your interior (or exterior in the summer). The interesting growth and style make it an ideal choice for a range of decorating styles. Please note, gorgeous plant but is not intended to be munched on by little ones or small animals.


Light: for best colouration of leaves, choose a bright spot, but it does tolerate low light well. Will grow slower in low light and may have a less bright colouration of leaves.

Water: Let the top inch or so dry out between waterings. Water a bit more in spring and summer and less in fall and winter.  


Tip: In the dry winter if you find browning tips and dry leaves, try grouping with other houseplants for extra humidity or mist the leaves lightly with water. 

Mass Cane Plant

  • Live plants and fresh flowers cannot be left on a doorstep or garage in winter, they will perish. Someone must be able to accept delivery at home or at an office

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