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The darling of Instagram! #fiddleleaffig is always trending and now you can be a part of the Fiddle Leaf Fig phenomenom. Large glossy green leaves will astound you with their size. Available in bush form, this specimen requires a few conditions to make it nice and happy!  Provide your Fiddle Leaf Fig with high humidity (use a humidifier or mist frequently), bright indirect light, and well draining soil and pot. Wipe off the large leaves every few weeks to remove water spots and dust and to bring back the natural glossy lustre of the leaves. Leave it in a spot where is is happy and it will reward you with growth!


Light: Lots of bright indirect light

Water:  Allow to dry between waterings. Make sure there is good drainage in the pot, allow water to drain out the bottom when watering. Do not overwater, especially in winter!

Tip: In the dry winter mist the leaves with water to avoid tips from drying out. It likes humidity, add a humidifier if you want. Does not tolerate cold drafts or cold weather. Do not overwater, the roots will rot.

'Fiddle Leaf Fig' Ficus Lyrata bush

  • Live plants and fresh flowers cannot be left on a doorstep or garage in winter, they will perish. Someone must be able to accept delivery at home or at an office

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